Partnering with Parents

Partnering with Parents
Home/School Cooperation and Communication
St. Paul Lutheran School desires to build a culture where parents and teachers partner in providing the finest education possible for the young people entrusted to their care. To that end, the staff of St. Paul is truly committed to maintaining open channels of communication with the parents and/or guardians of our students. The following list outlines some of the important avenues designed to promote efficient and effective home/school cooperation and communication:

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Following the 1st grading period, parents are scheduled to meet with the teacher in a 15-minute conference. Discussion items include the child’s academic progress, school disposition, and interaction with teacher and classmates.

Teacher Availability
If at any time during the school year parents have questions concerning their child’s progress or behavior, they are encouraged to call the teacher and arrange a mutually convenient time to meet. This may be accomplished by stopping by or calling the school office or e-mailing the teacher.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to volunteer at St. Paul Lutheran School. Opportunities are plentiful. Whether it’s one day a month or one day a year, please consider volunteering for your school.  All volunteers must participate in a volunteer orientation meeting as well as fill out a volunteer form.

Weekly Teacher & School News
Each week the Friday Footnotes is sent home to inform parents of curriculum units being introduced, projects students are working on, areas of school work where parents can assist their children, and/or upcoming news & events.

Online Grades
In the beginning of the year, parents are given login information to have 24/7 access to their child’s grades. Within this grading portal there is an area to directly contact the teacher regarding a specific subject or assignment.