Scrip Program

Scrip Program
In November of 2007, the Scrip program was excited to announce that all profits made from every sale of Scrip will be banked and used for credit on your St Paul tuition, the Scholarship Fund and the Fee Assistance fund. As of July 1, 2008 we are proud to announce that your tuition credit will also be given to your Fox Valley Lutheran accounts! (this will be in the form of a check given to the families to pay their FVL bills.)
It has come to our attention that some people still don’t know about this wonderful program. As of June 30, 2008, the first year we sold over $157,325.00 in Scrip cards, bringing a total of $4,643.00 in proceeds that will come directly off the registration fees for our St Paul families!   Congratulations to those families who have taken advantage of this great program. We even had one family earn in excess of $650.00!
In addition to the proceeds applied to invoices of families for their registration/tuition fees, the following dollar amounts have also benefitted our school from the Scrip program:
·         $2,196.53 for Fee Assistance
·         $2,175.55 for the scholarship account at St Paul. 
Please read on to see how you too can reap the awards from this outstanding program.
Q.   How does Scrip work?
A.   If you wish to purchase Scrip, stop in the church/school office. If we have the Scrip you wish to purchase you can take it with you at that time. If an order needs to be placed, it will be placed on Monday, it will then be available in most cases by Thursday or Friday The proceeds from the Scrip sale will be divided as follows:
½ going to the designated family tuition and registration fees (FVL or St. Paul) for the next school year (this will be taken care of in the office, you don’t need to do a thing!)
¼ going into the Scholarship fund (for members going on to Lutheran High/Prep School and MLC)
¼ going to the Fee Assistance Fund.
Q.    What if a member wants to buy Scrip but has no children here at school?
A.    They can still buy the Scrip, but their proceeds can be put into the tuition assistance fund, or they can name a family that they would like to “adopt” and have the proceeds put into that tuition account.
Q.   What if we have both children at St Paul and at FVL?
A.   Tuition credit will be applied to the St Paul tuition accounts first. If credit should exceed what fees are here at St. Paul, anything over and above will be applied to your FVL tuition.
Q.   Can grandparents, aunts, uncles buy Scrip as well?
A.    Yes they can, and should be encouraged to. They can just name your family for the tuition credit on their order form!
An example of the proceeds: Necessity of life - food and gas
$25.00 grocery card to Piggly Wiggly at 4%
$50.00 gas card to Kwik Trip at 20% (YES, Kwik Trip is giving 20%)
As the consumer you paid and received $75.00 in the form of two Scrip cards, school bought them at a discounted rate.
.50 from the Piggly Wiggly card goes into the Family tuition account
.25 from the Piggly Wiggly card goes into the Scholarship Fund
.25 from the Piggly Wiggly card goes into the Fee Assistance fund
$5.00 from the Kwik Trip gas card goes into the Family tuition account
$2.50 from the Kwik Trip gas card goes into the Scholarship Fund
$2.50 from the Kwik Trip gas card goes into the Fee Assistance fund
Every sale from July 1 to June 30 will be applied to next years registration fees. There are so many companies and business that are available. One stop shopping for birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any other occasion. Gift cards are the perfect gift, it lets the recipient do the shopping. You get credit for the thought and a tuition credit at the same time! And remember to use it EVERY DAY for groceries, gas and eating out… you’ll be surprised how fast it all adds up!
If you have any question about the program, how it works, and what vendors are available, please contact the school office.