COVID-19 Update Regarding Weekly Worship Services

Worship Update

Dear Members and Friends of St. Paul in Green Bay, As you know, because of an increasing number of positive COVID tests, Brown County Health Department has recently declared a public health emergency. They are struggling to keep up with contact tracing for those testing positive, and they are concerned about increased hospitalizations and deaths.  The Health Department is encouraging limits on group gatherings as detailed in their press release. What does this mean for worship at St. Paul?  Because of the safety protocols we have in place in worship St. Paul, and because people also have the option to stay home and view our services online, we are still planning for now to continue offering our regular weekly services both online and in-person. If you decide to attend worship in person, we will continue to encourage the same safety protocols as in the past: masks, social distancing, and hand-washing. Even with our safety protocols, there is more always more risk when there are more local cases being reported, and so there may be more among us who decide that it is wiser for them to stay home.  Note that our worship registration now includes an option for participating online.  We pray that the Lord guard and protect all those affected by the virus and its effects. We trust that the Lord can turn even a pandemic into blessings in the hearts and lives of his people. Yours in Christ, Pastor Jon Zabell


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