Start Here: Upside-Down Savior

There is something upside-down about Jesus…

In our world, it’s always a fight to get to the top. If life is like a pyramid, everyone wants to get to the top, and it doesn’t seem to matter how many people get squashed along the way. Here’s the problem: Does anyone actually make it? As we strive and struggle and fight and fail to make it through each day, is there any peace? Any joy? Any hope?

There is something upside-down about Jesus. He takes the pyramid that everyone is trying to get to the top of, and he flips it upside-down. Then, in inexplicable grace, he put himself on the bottom. He left heaven to come as our Savior to earth. He humbled himself below everyone else on the face of the earth and died the death we deserve on the cross for our sins. Who does that? There’s something upside-down about Jesus!

That’s where you and I come in: Jesus did all of that for us! When he died, he won forgiveness for every single one of our sins. Perfect Jesus was punished so that we sinners can go free? That’s upside-down. That’s Jesus! When he rose from the dead, he opened heaven to you and me. Life even in the face of death? That’s upside-down. That’s Jesus! Our God has wonderfully upside-down truths to teach us in his Word, all centered on his inexplicable grace to us in Jesus.

I’m Pastor Nathan Nass. By God’s grace I get to serve my family and St. Paul Lutheran Church in Green Bay, WI. I believe that the Bible is the 100% true Word of God, and I’m so thankful that Jesus is my perfectly upside-down Savior. I’d love to have you check back here often to hear the wonderful truths of God’s grace to you and me from his Word.