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BUILDING PROJECT: Built on the Rock Update

At St. Paul, every little kid gets a big kid

Every week, when it's time for Wednesday morning chapel at St. Paul school, each little kid gets to have the same big kid welcome and sit with them, someone they can look up to as a good Christian role model and friend for worship throughout the school year.

Did you know? Gifts and pledges for our Built on the Rock program have increased by $72K since mid-September, and we're close to halfway to our Easter goal of $1 million. Meanwhile our congregation's regular offerings over the past 6 months are 16% ($42K) more than we budgeted. What wonderful and generous support! In addition to all the other ways we proclaim the good news of Jesus around here, you might say that our whole congregation is the "big kid" for all the children in our school now and into the future!

Please continue to pray for St. Paul's Built on the Rock program, and for our proclamation of the gospel to many souls for generations to come.

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