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Built on the Rock- a message from our project chairman

It is with thanks to God that the major excavation work on our congregation's project begins today, Monday, March 20th. Today we see the start of digging for the foundation and basement. This means the west side gymnasium hallway door will no longer be accessible. All entry and exit to the building will be on the Clay St. side of the building through the end of this project.

For church services, parking will be available in the west lot and in the south lot, and driveways from both Webster and Clay St. will be open. It is our hope to pave the Clay St. driveway entrance as soon as the city lifts the winter ban on sidewalk concrete work.

During school hours, the Clay St. driveway entrance will be closed, and all are asked to avoid parking in the center of the west lot if possible. Use the perimeter spaces if they are open.

This past week, we saw our hydro switch over to the temporary service, the start of the new emergency exit in the activity center, and continued work in digging in the sewer and water lines.

Our snow removal contractor has cleaned up the corners and edges of the parking lot in order to open as many parking spaces as possible, and to make the lot as usable and as inviting as possible. We want people to continue to see that they are welcome here at St. Paul. We will be placing signs in the parking lot giving some direction and we will designate parking areas for disabled and senior members. We know that there may be challenges and frustrations that lie ahead, but together as a congregation and with God's blessings, everything will work out according to his good and gracious plan for us. God willing, in nine and a half short months we will be moving into our new facilities, praising God and using our new building to share the good news of the gospel with each other and our community. What an exciting time for us at St. Paul! If you have any thoughts, suggestions or questions, do not hesitate to ask. Working together in service to our Lord and Savior,

Jim Gamble, project chair

(920) 362-5886

Jesus said, "Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” Matthew 7:24

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