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Built on the Rock Building Program Update

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

More classrooms - expanded narthex - better accessibility - dedicated program space - new offices - improved security - enhanced community presence: our congregation’s building project will help us to proclaim the words of Jesus to many more souls for generations to come.

This summer we’re shuffling things around in our current building to make room. The pastor’s office/food pantry on the main level is set to become a new 4th grade classroom for this fall. The food pantry has been moved into the other pastor’s office, and most of his bookshelves have been moved out. It’s exciting to think of the growing number of students enrolling in our school.

The building committee continues to work on plans, and financial support from the congregation continues to come in. Soil samples have been taken to determine if our ground is safe for building (it is!). Our consultants have marked out the footprint of the new building in spray paint on our parking lot and the parsonage backyard. Discussion and research has begun on options for the parsonage and garage, whether they ought to be demolished or moved, and when this work ought to take place. Our conversations with the City of Green Bay are going well so far as we seek permission for the various aspects of the project.

A number of subcommittees have been planning. The communication committee is working on a calendar of events for this summer and fall. The finance committee continues to work on cash flow projections and will be providing a monthly financial report for the congregation. The interior committee has been discussing things like office furniture in the new building. The exterior committee is reviewing the timing for when the playground will be moved to its new location.

The whole congregation has a part to play in this project. What a great opportunity for each of us to be a part of such an impactful gospel ministry effort! The seeds of initial gifts have been planted. Now is the growing season - an opportunity for more of us to lend our support with prayers and special gifts - offerings above and beyond those we regular give in thanksgiving to God for all his goodness to us. May God bless our ambitious efforts to proclaim his saving name to many more souls before the Last Day comes.

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