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Built on the Rock Building Project Update

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

On October 17th, our congregation committed to raising $1 million in pledges and gifts toward our $4.5 million project by Easter (April 17) of 2022. Our total in pledges and gifts at the end of October was just over $431,000.

On Sunday, October 31st, our Built on the Rock Reformation Round-up event was well attended. There was a devotion, Reformation-themed games, and a building project update, with a special appearance by Martin Luther himself (or maybe it was one of our members dressed as Martin Luther :) The whole event was an opportunity for us all to reflect on the blessings of the 16th century Lutheran Reformation with an eye on the work of our congregation in the 21st century. We're saved by grace alone, by faith in Jesus Christ alone, by Scripture alone, and the words of Jesus are the foundation for life in this world and in the next. Our ongoing Reformation Round-up goal is 50 new or renewed pledges or gifts for the Built on the Rock project. As of this writing, 19 new or renewed pledges have come in. For each new or renewed gift given, $10 will be donated to our WELS area "Hot Meals for Homeless People" efforts, which we host on Saturdays at St. Paul.

As Christmas approaches, consider the gift our Lord has given our world, the gift that came wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger: his Son, our Savior from sin. You can be a part of our effort to pass the message of our Savior to a generation not yet born. Consider a special gift to our St. Paul Built on the Rock building project, and rejoice in the miracle of God's Son made flesh to be our Savior.

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