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Built on the Rock October Update

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;

his love endures forever. Psalm 106:1

Good news! An anonymous donor has contributed $53,200 toward the existing $400,000 loan for our lower level renovation. As of today, that loan is now paid in full, fourteen months ahead of schedule! Give thanks to the Lord for moving the heart of this giver and all the others who have so generously supported repayment of this loan.

Here's a bit of history behind the lower level renovation. Back in 2018 we had been discussing the addition of a 3 year old kindergarten for quite some time. Additionally, our fellowship hall hadn't seen any major updates since its construction in 1953. After a good number of conversations with an architect, our congregation approved his design for lower level renovation on March 11, 2018. We dedicated the newly renovated space on September 16, 2018. Now our 3K / 4K program is up and running, and our fellowship hall has become a much better space for everything from school lunches to funeral dinners to Sunday morning Bible study.

What a blessing it is to have our previous building project paid off as we embark on the next one!

How are things going with Built on the Rock? We're still working through a bit of red tape with city permits, which means that the goal of having our playground moved and new driveway constructed (see last month's blog) are a little bit behind schedule. Meanwhile the appraisal needed for our new $4.5M loan has been completed and accepted, and our new loan document is nearly ready for signatures. People have pledged approximately $748K toward our Built on the Rock program, of which we've received approximately $458K.

Paid in full. What a wonderful phrase to hear applied to a $400K loan! How much better to know that our sins have been paid in full by our Savior, Jesus Christ! Sins paid, headed to heaven, now all we have left to do is give thanks to the Lord in everything we do.

Dear Lord, bless us as we embark on our next phase of building. By your mercy, use the building we construct for the furthering of your kingdom of grace. Speed the day when the new loan we are securing is paid in full, too, and fill the hearts of your people with thanksgiving as together we work toward that goal. Continue to shine the light of your love on us so that we may reflect it as we offer ourselves to your service. In Jesus' name, Amen.


As we look to the future, it's good to remember how the Lord has blessed us in the past. For more building program history, timeline, and photos, including items related to our church sanctuary dedication in 2016, click here.

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