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BUILDING PROJECT: Built on the Rock Update

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Click the image below to review building project plans

Another year of grace! Amid all the changes of life, God’s grace, his undeserved love for sinners stands firm in the finished work of Jesus our Savior. Heaven is our home, and the Lord has made his home in our hearts already now. If you want to see evidence of God’s grace reflected in human hearts, think about all the gracious gifts and pledges God’s people have made toward our building project - upward of $450K - and remember also the generous goal we’ve set for ourselves as a congregation: $1 million by Easter 2022 (April 17th). That generosity, that goal: that’s God’s grace talking. That’s God’s people aiming to let each year be grace for generations to come. To him alone the glory!

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