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CALL NEWS update

Dear Members of St Paul Lutheran Church and School,

I am writing to inform you that I have received a Divine Call to Divine Savior School in Doral, Florida.  Divine Savior School is different from Divine Savior Academy. The entire student body of Divine Savior School consists of God’s extra special lambs.  All students that enroll at Divine Savior School have severe needs.  I am being called as one of the teachers of the school.

I am also writing to ask for your prayers.  Call deliberations are never easy but they are always a blessing.  Please keep me and both ministries, Divine Savior and St Paul, in your prayers while I deliberate where my gifts can best be used for His Kingdom.  I offer an invitation to anyone that would like to share insights and thoughts with me during this time. 

God bless,

Gretchen Plitzuweit


Mr. Jared Brennan has returned his call to serve at St. John's in Watertown, Wisconsin, and continues his service as 7th-8th grade teacher here at St. Paul in Green Bay. We're grateful for his decision, and glad to have his continued service among us!

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