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Built on the Rock End of Summer Update

On June 15th, the voters of St. Paul approved the recommendation of the Built on the Rock Steering Committee and the Church Council to move forward with our whole project in phases. A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Sunday, July 17th. It was our thinking at the time that actual construction might begin at the end of July or the beginning of August, with the first step being either moving or taking down the parsonage and the parsonage garage. As of this writing, the first steps of construction are due to take place any day.

Why the delay? One reason involves all the variables involved in determining whether the parsonage next door would be moved intact to another lot or taken down (demolished). Another reason has had to do with the process of obtaining financing. Now we have a final decision on the parsonage and garage (they will be taken down, not moved), and. pending a good appraisal, we have received approval for our construction loan.

Other early steps in the project will include moving the playground from its current place to its newly designated place near the southeast corner of our building. Also, the parking lot driveway that currently occupies that space will be moved a little bit to the south.

It’s wonderful to see that gifts and pledges have continued to come in above and beyond our regular congregational offerings, even as we strive to meet the challenging ministry financial plan we’ve set for ourselves this fiscal year. As of July 31, our total of combined gifts and pledges for Built on the Rock was $740,467. Give thanks to the Lord for filling the hearts of his people with such generosity! Pray that through our humble efforts at gospel ministry, the Lord may build many more souls on the rock-solid foundation of Jesus our Savior for generations to come.

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