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CALL NEWS: calls have been extended for a principal and two teachers

On Sunday, February 13th, members of St. Paul gathered in Jesus' name and calls were extended for full time public ministry of the gospel.

Mr. Michael Ross, who currently serves at Reformation Lutheran School in San Diego, California, has received the call to serve as our principal.

Mr. Steven Thies is being called to serve as fifth grade teacher and associate athletic director at St. Paul. Mr. Thies currently serves at St. John's Lutheran School in Watertown, Wisconsin.

Mrs. Jessica Ross, who teaches at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran School in La Mesa, California, and who happens to be married to Mr. Michael Ross, has the call to teach third grade at St. Paul.

During this time of prayer and deliberation, please pray that the Lord be with Mr. and Mrs. Ross and with Mr. Thies, and that he bless their deliberations and their decisions in our Savior's name.

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